Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Install MacVim with file browser with brew

I was watching Yehuda Katz's latest talk at RailsConf 2012 (which is great by the way), and I realized he was using a native file browser in MacVim which looked pretty awesome (I don't really like NERDTree).

So I was pretty happy when my friend Yannick pointed me to the project, but I didn't want to compile it by hand. I've really gotten used to brew and, I'll admit, a little lazy. I like when stuff just updates itself, because I would never update it otherwise. Which is why I made the macvim-split-browser brew formula.

Unfortunately it was getting too specific for brew, so I had to make a tap to host it. Here's the link with installation instructions: https://github.com/joelcogen/homebrew-macvimsplitbrowser


  1. After building this thing by hand a couple of times, great to see a brew formula. Thank you!

  2. Superb Man... I also noticed in the video .. thanks a lot for sharing this. :) :)

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  4. This is great; thank you for doing this!! I'm using it right now and am loving it.