Saturday, July 9, 2011

Minidoudou is back on track

After neglecting Minidoudou for a while, I am making it my priority project for now! There is still some work to do before it is ready for contributors, so here's a small list of the main changes I'm going to do:
  • Add user authentication with Devise (contributors only, you don't need to login to customize a ROM)
  • Add some info to the ROMs: uploader, link to original release, link to MDD release
  • Add Capistrano for easier deployment
  • Find contributors willing to upload ROMs and configure them
You can follow the progress on GitHub, and if you want to contribute to the source code (or by uploading a ROM), don't hesitate to comment/e-mail/tweet/poke.

Hopefully we will soon see a lot of [MDD] posts on XDA!

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